Meditation for Children

This video is an example of how I practice meditation with my 4 year old.

The duration varies day to day so the most important thing is regular practice and to make it a fun, relaxed routine and go with the flow. Today I encouraged her by repeating ‘stay still’ or ‘blow up the balloon’ in order to keep her focus on her breath.

Kids Meditation – Harry Potter

This video is a kids meditation – a guided visualisation, ‘Harry Potter style’. Tora (4yrs) and Noah (9yrs) are taking part and they love it. We’ve been practicing since.

Kids often are excellent at mindfulness and meditation because they have no negative preconceived ideas. Such role models! It is worth introducing children to meditation as early as possible as it is a lifelong healthy habit to learn. As you will see they will sit for longer than expected to meditate! Try it with your kids and see. As always, practice makes perfect so keep at it. Some days will be harder to focus than others. Meditation before bed is a great way to wind down and my kids are certainly calmer for story time after a short meditation.

Meditation for Anxiety

This is a meditation for anxiety. An anxiety antidote. A prescription of meditation if you have been feeling more anxious and stressed lately.

It is a short meditation that will make you feel better within 3 minutes. Practice for 3 minutes, 3 times a day, for 3 days. The meditation starts at 1 minute 20 seconds if you want to fast forward the intro.

Meditation to Relax

This video is a meditation to relax. A guided meditation to wind down and is 7 minutes long. It will calm and relax you.

It will help you switch off from work for your evening. Also great prior to going to bed to help you sleep. Alternatively, take a break from work and really relax for 7 minutes before you return rejuvenated for the rest of the day. Be immersed in the relaxing music.

Meditation for Carers

This video is a free guided meditation for carers. A Loving – kindness visualisation meditation.

Prescribed to enhance feelings of self-worth, love and compassion. Anyone can practice this for it’s benefits and the more loving-kindness meditations you practice, the more connected and loved you will feel. Carers should take time out for self-care too and this gives that opportunity.

Meditation for Gratitude

This video is a guided meditation for gratitude. It will enhance gratitude for the positive experiences in your life, bringing heightened awareness of daily joyful moments.

It will make you more positive, happy and grateful. These attributes are associated with improved health and so regularly practicing this type of meditation should make you healthier. It is a short daily guided visualisation with relaxing meditation music.

Meditation for Dental Anxiety

This video is a meditation to reduce dental anxiety. A guided visualisation to calm and relax you before your dental check up or treatment.

This is custom made for Parklands Dental Practice

Practice this regularly before visiting the dentist or throughout your treatment. The dental team at Parklands are happy for you to use this during your appointment and will assist you to be as comfortable as possible. This guided visualisation will reduce any discomfort and enhance your ability to stay calm and relaxed.

Meditation for Stress & Anxiety

This video is a meditation for stress and anxiety.

It will help you calm any worrying thoughts and you will release them through this guided hot air balloon visualisation. Use this anytime you feel overwhelmed. Remember to breathe slowly and build up a vivid image in your mind’s eye.