Using visualisation meditation to calm you in times of uncertainty

There’s nothing like uncertainty for creating feelings of overwhelm and anxiety. And 2020 has brought uncertainty for us all. Visualisation meditations are a great tool for helping ease these feelings, and building a sense of calm and empowerment.

How visualisation meditation works

Your body and mind are one, so when you train your mind with meditation you can change how you feel – and the way that comes out in your body as physical sensations and symptoms.

Visualisation can literally change your brain, creating new connections (this is called neuroplasticity) and helping you focus your mind, bringing positive energy. And when you practice meditation daily, you’ll really start to see these benefits in the way you think and feel.

If you’re new to visualisation and meditation, remember that there’s no right or wrong way to do it! Try it out and do whatever works for you. Guided visualisations like the one below can be a good way to start – and form part of your daily practice. Give it a try and see how you feel afterwards.

Four seasons visualisation

This meditation will help you in this time of uncertainty, when so many of us are feeling like we are in limbo land.

Set aside 5-10 minutes to sit or lie quietly and visualise each season in turn.

Take a deep breath in, expanding the chest and belly, then fully breathe out.

Visualise the summer. Spend a few minutes focusing on the joy of summer. Think of all your happy memories of summer: imagine freshly cut grass, blue skies, bright sunshine; imagine being in a park or on the beach; imagine the sound of birds or children playing; imagine anything that means summer to you.

Visualise the autumn. Spend a few minutes thinking of the joys of autumn. Think of all the images that remind you of autumn: vividly picture all the colour of the changing leaves; imagine breathing in crisp, fresh air; picture yourself walking through beautiful parks over fallen leaves.

Visualise the winter. Spend a few minutes thinking of the joys of winter. Imagine the fresh cold air on your face; think about wrapping up warm in soft layers of clothing, sitting in front of a crackling fire, and watching gently falling snowflakes through a window.

Visualise the spring. Spend a few minutes thinking of the joys of spring – the season of new possibilities, growth, life and colour. Think of all the beautiful flowers in parks and gardens; chicks in farmyards and lambs in the fields; sunny days and longer nights; the world waking up and renewing itself.

Take deep breaths, expanding the chest and belly. Fully breathe out, letting go of tension, feeling grounded by the seasons, knowing one season is always followed by the next, and that Mother Earth continues to be in control and heals herself.

Looking for guided visualisations? Try my Meditation for Stress and Anxiety. It will help you calm any worrying thoughts as you release them through this guided hot air balloon visualisation. You can use this any time you feel overwhelmed.

You’ll find more guided visualisations on my YouTube channel.