A morning meditation practice to help reduce the toxic effects of stress and anxiety

I start every morning with a meditation session. Meditation is the one thing that not only helps me stay resilient when things are most challenging; and it helps me cope better with everyday stress and anxiety. It also makes me feel more content, happy and optimistic.

My daily meditation practice stops me feeling too overwhelmed with everything that’s on my plate. It reduces my stress. It gives me perspective and hope. It makes me feel connected both to myself and to something bigger – and reminds me I’m not alone.

Morning meditation has become part of my routine, and it doesn’t feel hard or like a chore, or as if I don’t have the time. It’s something I enjoy and look forward to! It makes me feel happy, as I start the day with the intention of being content and positive.

Daily meditation is a restorative routine that will benefit you immensely too.

It’s not selfish to take a moment for yourself. 

It’s not indulgent. 

It’s necessary. 

(And trust me, you deserve it!)

How to start a daily morning meditation practice

I’ll let you into a secret: meditation doesn’t have to be difficult! It doesn’t need any special equipment, or anything at all other than a quiet space where you can be by yourself for five or ten minutes. 

So start today. Take five to ten minutes for yourself to focus on you in quiet contemplation. 

The most important thing is to commit to a daily practice, so decide on a time and place that’s right for you. Where can you fit a short meditation practice into your existing morning routine? Think about adding the meditation habit on to something you already do. For example, if you do daily exercises or stretches, finish with five minutes of meditation. Or add your meditation practice after your shower or bath.

If you struggle to start, or find it hard to keep your focus, try a guided meditation. My short box breathing practice makes a great quick start meditation exercise. 

Sit down and do this for five to ten minutes in private:

  1. Picture a box in your mind’s eye.
  2. Breathe in as you picture going up the side of the box.
  3. Hold your breath as you move across the top of the box.
  4. Breathe out as you move down the side of the box.
  5. Hold your breath as you go across the bottom of the box. 
  6. Then repeat.

You can add in counting as you move around the sides of the box too if you like, for example, four seconds per side. 

Do what feels best for you and most helps you to stay focused.

This is also a great technique to turn to in moments of overwhelm, anxiety or anger. Do a couple of rounds around the box to make you feel calmer and more present.

If you want to use my guided box meditation, you can find it here.

You can also try my 10 minute morning meditation.

Commit to a regular meditation practice

You have to commit to regular practice for a few weeks before it becomes a natural habit that forms your way of being. It’s worth investing that time and motivation at the start, because of the many benefits you’ll receive. Just trust the process. 

See how you feel after doing a morning practice daily for 8 weeks.

If you need tips or advice on how to start or if you’re having a particular challenge with your meditation practice, please get in touch! The best way to connect is to send me a DM on Facebook or Instagram.