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Transforming the health and wellbeing of professional women* to reduce stress and its physical manifestations and create a wellness lifestyle in only 8 weeks.

Want to have control of your health and wellbeing, reduce stress, avoid burnout and increase longevity naturally and safely?

YOU CAN with REVIVE 8: Actions to Thrive, an 8-week online programme with Dr Lisa.

*to all who identify as a woman.

Are you tired all the time yet not sleeping well? Need more energy in the day?
Are you stressedNo libido and lost your identity?
Do you have a long term health problem that’s holding you back?
Do you want to reduce the risk of needing medications in the future?
Have you got diseases that run in your family that you want to avoid?
Do you want to reach your full potential in your health, wellbeing and life goals?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then book in for your free 20 minute ‘Ring&Revive Me’ call for 2 actions you can implement immediately to tackle the above! It also gives you the opportunity to see how I may be able to help you further and if my health coaching programme is right for you.

I prescribe simple evidence-based lifestyle habits that empower you to take action and become your ideal version of health and vitality, full of possibilities for your future.

Let me guide you to release your inner Goddess and develop your spiritual practice to reconnect you with your true self.

Unleash your potential and thrive!

— Testimonials

I worked with Lisa at one of the lowest points in my life… I was so unwell and could not see light at the end of the tunnel. I imagined losing my job as nothing seemed to be working for me. Lisa went through so many aspects of my life…. Seven weeks on and I feel the happiest I have been for a long time. The changes advised to all aspects of my lifestyle have helped me cope with my chronic condition, made me feel better, however, more importantly I feel happy. My condition will never go away but now it will not destroy me.
I am so glad I followed my heart and took this path with Revive Prescribed… I have my old self back… Thank you so much …
Lots of love
N xxxx

My message to you

Your genes are not your destiny; your lifestyle choices have a bigger impact on your future health span . You can feel better and for longer, living as the Goddess you truly are. It’s time for you to align with your ultimate potential, prioritise yourself and reclaim your life.”

— During the Online Coaching Sessions you will:

  • learn important health facts about disease prevention from a qualified doctor
  • design morning and night rituals and receive other useful prescriptions to prioritise restorative sleep.
  • discover how to reduce stress and navigate around physical or mental roadblocks.
  • develop your meditation practice to enhance health and wellbeing and promote healing.
  • gain confidence in optimal food choices for cooking, shopping or eating out
  • add exercise in to your weekly routine and increase your motivation for this.
  • apply intermittent fasting prescriptions to suit you.
  • change your future from one of diminishing health, stress and burnout to expanding health and limitless possibilities.

Got Questions?

Gain instant access to the REVIVE 8: Actions to Thrive curriculum guide book:

  • How the ‘REVIVE 8: Actions to Thrive’ programme works
  • What to expect from group coaching
  • Exactly what you’ll learn in each module
  • The opt-in challenges and how to use them to maximise results
  • The lifestyle tools we provide to help you move towards goals, feel positive and hopeful

Take action now to invest in yourself

Dr Lisa

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