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  • Have you been interested in natural remedies to support your health?
  • Have been worried about the amount of chemicals in your home that might be exposing your body to harmful toxins?
  • Do you feel you need supplementation with whole food multivitamins, minerals and omega’s?
  • Need probiotics for yourself or your children to support gut health and immunity?
  • Would you like to try essential oils safely to see how they can empower you to a life of wellness?
  • Keen to try gorgeous natural beauty products that are effective and safe for your health?

— Book your Free Wellness Lifestyle Consultation

If yes, book your free wellness lifestyle consultation with us here and we will send you a zoom video link to your email. The consultation will discuss your needs and Dr Lisa will give her recommendations to guide you to a wellness lifestyle where you can incorporate good sleeping rituals, meditation, whole foods, exercise as well as doTerra products that you may find enhance you on your journey. We share how our lifestyles have been overhauled for the better and are now reaping the benefits.

There is no obligation to buy anything, this is free consultation to share information only, there are no contracts, no catches!

(Dr Lisa can not give specific medical advice on your current healthcare management via this service as she will not have access to your medical record so can not make fully informed, safe decisions. These consultations are purely to discuss how to implement lifestyle changes supported by doTerra products.)

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