My mission:

to help you feel like you again! More energy, more drive.



I have an online health and mindset coaching programme to help professional women become proactive creators of their life. A life of wellness, where they can avoid the costly devastation of burnout and ill health that develops from stress. I know what it’s like to have the pressures of family life to juggle, a home to run and a profession to be precise at. My mission is to help you to thrive.

Lifestyle medicine is a passion of mine and I truly believe that this should be part of standard patient care to aid healing, improve quality of life and enhance wellbeing. I am a member of the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and British Holistic Medical Association.

Lifestyle medicine is a medical speciality where we empower patients to improve their health by sharing evidence-based knowledge regarding lifestyle changes. I have won the second runner up, Royal College of General Practitioner’s GP of the Year Award 2018 for my lifestyle medicine workshops. Nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and healthy relationships are important factors in healthy living. Meditation has also been shown to have measurable beneficial effect on health. It has transformed my life and I would love for others to benefit from it as I have.

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What people are


Meditation helps me be more productive in all areas of my life".

— J Taylor

Meditation is the only free tool I have to improve my health".

— R Saxton

Meditation slows my thoughts but quickens my decision making".

— I Davies

Meditation, less medication”

Dr Lisa