My mission:

To help you feel like you again - and get more energy and more drive



What is mind-body medicine?

Western medicine is focused on the disease, but mind-body medicine treats the person as a whole,  leading to true healing and longevity. You will get more energy as it revives your health, energy and spirit – empowering you to thrive, not just survive.

Nutrition, exercise, sleep, relaxation and healthy relationships are important factors in healthy living. Meditation has also been shown to have a measurable beneficial effect on health; it has transformed my life and I love to see others benefit from it as I have.

Mind-body medicine and lifestyle medicine are my passion, and I believe that they should be part of standard patient care to aid healing, improve quality of life and enhance wellbeing.

About Revive Prescribed

REVIVE is an acronym for Rest, Exercise, Visualise, Intake, Vitality and Environment. I prescribe lifestyle changes focused on these six areas, to aid your body’s natural healing ability.

Rest : good sleep, rest from work, time off, digital detox

Exercise : enjoyable and regular physical activity

Visualise : meditation and visualisation

Intake : real whole food, support with alcohol/smoking/drug use, medication optimisation

Vitality : enjoying life and developing your goals

Environment : reducing the impact of socioeconomic disadvantages, connecting to your community and to nature

My mission is to help you to thrive. I want to see you step into a life of wellness, where you can avoid the costly devastation of burnout and ill health that develops from stress.

Work with me in 2020

The best way to work with me in 2020 is to use and share my free meditations. You can also sign up to my monthly newsletter. My medical work is all NHS based.

Memberships and awards

I’m a member of the College of Medicine and Integrated Health, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the British Holistic Medical Association.

I won the second runner up, Royal College of General Practitioners GP of the Year Award 2018 for my lifestyle medicine workshops.

Rest Exercise Visualise Intake Vitality Environment

What people are


A GP in my area recommended you and I'm so happy I did! Your videos are really helpful."

— Bella

One month later and meditating using your videos has made a huge difference. My fibro pain from 6 out of 10 is now 2 or even 1."

— V Park

I'm definitely feeling calmer by injecting some meditation throughout my day."

— L Grigg

I love this meditation, it sets me up for a good day every day"

— I Davies

More meditation, less medication”

Dr Liza