My mission:

To help you feel like you again - and get more energy and more drive



About Revive Prescribed

REVIVE is an mnemonic that allows you to feel like the real you. You can prescribe yourself the lifestyle changes focused on these six areas to holistically show up to this lifetime at your highest potential.

Restorative routines: daily habits to build the life you want.

Empowering relationships: be surrounded by people who uplift you.

Visualisations & Meditation: learn how to meditate and visualise wellness.

Intimacy & Passion: reignite your libido and realise your sexual desires.

Values & Authenticity: become who you really are.

Environment that Nurtures:  call upon the world around you to create a space for you to grow.


My mission is to help you to thrive. I want to see you step into a life of holistic wellness, where you can avoid the costly devastation of stress from not being able to rise to meet the challenges life gives us.

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Memberships and awards

My medical work is all NHS based.

I’m a member of the College of Medicine and Integrated Health, the British Society of Lifestyle Medicine and the British Holistic Medical Association.

I won the second runner up, Royal College of General Practitioners GP of the Year Award 2018 for my lifestyle medicine workshops.


What people are


A GP in my area recommended you and I'm so happy I did! Your videos are really helpful."

— Bella

One month later and meditating using your videos has made a huge difference. My fibro pain from 6 out of 10 is now 2 or even 1."

— V Park

I'm definitely feeling calmer by injecting some meditation throughout my day."

— L Grigg

I love this meditation, it sets me up for a good day every day"

— I Davies

More meditation, less medication”

Dr Liza