Revive Events are health programs brought to you by Dr Lisa and Life coach Caron. 

REVIVE. Revive is a lifestyle medicine movement that incorporates everything needed to thrive.

R – Rest
E – Exercise
V – Visualisation
I  – Intake
V – Vitality
E – Environment

Revive 1 : Kickstart

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REVIVE 1: kickstart

Workshop with Dr Lisa and Life Coach Caron.

Your prescription to kickstart your journey to health and wellbeing.

This is an interactive workshop, bringing you the tools you need to take immediate action to start thriving in life.

Have you started not feeling yourself? Feeling tired all the time, yet not having deep, restorative sleep. Have you ended up on more medications than you ever wanted or are afraid this is the path ahead for you? Have you been diagnosed with a chronic illness and want to have some control over your own healthcare management? Is your health affecting how you feel about yourself and affecting your work and relationships? Do you fear what your future holds if you don’t take action now?

You will learn about improving sleep, meditation, visualisation, nutrition, fasting, to name a few areas of our formula to succeeding in health! All safe, natural, scientifically proven measures towards self-healing. We will also be doing a life goal setting workshop as we guarantee that you will feel your zest for life and have hope for a bright future.

Be empowered in your life. Join us in our movement towards a long, healthful life now!

30th of June, Penarth Pavilion, The Esplanade, Penarth, CF64 3AU

10-12.30am £29

Revive 1 : Kickstart

I am Dr Lisa and am a practicing GP and lifestyle medic. I will provide medical health information that is evidence-based. I consult 1:1 at the Independent General Practice in Cardiff. I also provide blood testing here. I will prescribe lifestyle medicine, as opposed to pharmaceuticals (wherever possible), in order to improve your physical healing and mental wellbeing. 

 I have trained with the British School of Meditation and will be the meditation guide.

Coach Caron — Life Coaching

Hi, I’m Coach Caron. I’m a certified primal health coach. My former careers include PE teacher, personal trainer and professional gymnastics coach. I’m a 55 years young Australian and now settled in Wales and I have a ‘joy de Vivre’ outlook on living as fully and happily as possible, so maintaining my health is my first wealth. 

Your DNA is not your destiny and I’m excited to share with you my manageable self-care actions to improve how you eat, sleep, move and manage stress so you can switch off and on your genes that support you to live a long and happy healthspan. 

Luxury Retreats

Retreats are hosted by Dr Lisa, Coach Caron and Chef Adam and bring to you a completely immersive experience of health and wellbeing.

Adam — Nutrition

I am Chef Adam and am a Michelin star trained chef with a passion and desire for quality. I work by Hippocrates’ belief ‘let food be thy medicine’. I was born in Italy and then trained in London but have worked all over the world. My aim is to produce food of the highest quality while helping others reach their life goals. Food is fuel and food is life. Let me nourish your body and along with Dr Lisa and Coach Caron help you become a healthier, fitter you. All I ask in return is that you listen and enjoy the journey and reap the rewards.

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