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Mind-body medicine


I’m Dr Liza, a mind-body medicine doctor and GP in Wales, UK. My passion is helping people to transform illness to wellness using meditation and mind-body medicine.

Western medicine is focused on disease, but it should focus on treating the whole person, leading to true healing and longevity. A holistic approach is essential to address everything that effects health, including socio-economic factors. Personally I use the acronym REVIVE (rest, exercise, visualise, intake, vitality and environment) to co-create health improvement  in partnership with patients. Compassion and connection are key as well as building links with our community services that can dramatically improve quality of life. 

I wish you health and happiness and hope you find guidance to enhance that here.

Meditate with me!

Family, friends and health are the most important things to me, and meditation deepens my connection to these.

Join me in 2020 and use and share my my free meditations, which I wholeheartedly believe can help everyone.